How to Drip Water for Potted Plants


Drip irrigation is a good way to provide adequate water to plants without using more wasteful irrigation methods like hoses and sprinklers. With drip irrigation, a precise amount of water is delivered right above the root structure of a plant without the waste of evaporation or the risk of overwatering. Drip irrigation can be easily adapted for potted plants both outdoors and in greenhouses.

Step 1

Attach the drip irrigation system to an outdoor faucet. The base of the drip irrigation system usually includes a filter, pressure reducer, and a coupler that allows the main drip irrigation hose to attach to the assembly.

Step 2

Attach the main drip irrigation hose to the main drip irrigation assembly and route it to your potted plants.

Step 3

Make a hole in the main drip hose. Most drip irrigation systems include a tool for this, but a 16-penny nail is often a good substitute.

Step 4

Attach a drip line to the main drip hose. Drip lines contain emitters that control the final flow of water to the particular plant and come in a range of outputs. Select an output flow suitable for each potted plant being connected to the drip irrigation system.

Step 5

Run the drip line up the back of the pot and place the water output about an inch from the plant stem or over the main root area. Most drip irrigation systems either come with or offer posts to hold the lines in place. However, they can be easily made from a coat hanger.

Step 6

Crimp off the end of the main water hose. Most drip irrigation systems provide a component for this.

Things You'll Need

  • Threaded water faucet
  • Drip irrigation system


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