How to Hang Crystal Prisms in the Garden


Projecting rainbows and sparkling with sudden glimmers of light, crystal prisms will add a touch of magic to your garden. They spin gently in the breeze, creating complicated and ever-changing patterns with the light as the sun moves across the sky, randomly illuminating paths, plants and other decorative elements and making your garden seem to flicker and pulse with life.

Step 1

Tie a length of fishing line through the hole in the prism. Tie a double knot and leave at least an extra inch hanging past the knot so the prism won't fall if the knot slips a bit.

Step 2

Find a still spot with medium or full sunlight to hang the prism. The thing you hang the prism from should be fairly stable and still so that the prism won't get swung around or banged into anything. Trellises are ideal since they are stable. Thick, mature branches that don't move much in the wind are also good places to hang crystal prisms.

Step 3

Tie your prism so that it hangs at least several inches down from the structure supporting it. The further down it hangs, the more it will spin, casting rainbow lights about.

Step 4

Use several prisms to create a decorative pattern. You can hang them all at the same height, or at ascending elevations to create a layered effect. Alternately, you can scatter them about your garden to create little spots of light for a more subtle effect..

Tips and Warnings

  • Don't hang your crystals too closely together. Leave at least a couple inches between them to avoid them getting tangled.

Things You'll Need

  • Crystal prisms
  • Fishing line
  • Scissors
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