How to Sift Compost


Although sifting compost isn't a prerequisite to using finished compost, it is a good way to separate finished compost from twigs, leaves and unfinished compost and to return these larger pieces of compost material back to the compost container so that they can further break down. The process of sifting compost also aerates these larger pieces so that they break down faster.

Step 1

Park your wheelbarrow next to your compost pile or full compost bin.

Step 2

Lower the sides of your compost bin, or pull back any protective covering such as chicken wire or a tarp from the top of your compost pile.

Step 3

Place your compost sifter into the bed of your wheel barrow.

Step 4

Scoop a shovelful of compost into your sifter.

Step 5

Pick up the sifter and vigorously shake it back and forth to sift compost into the bed of the wheel barrow.

Step 6

Return any larger pieces of compost to the compost bin.

Step 7

Refasten the door of the bin when you have finished.

Things You'll Need

  • Compost sifter
  • Wheelbarrow
  • Garden shovel
  • Compost pile or full compost bin


  • Compost Notes
  • Compost Sifter
  • Homemade Compost Sifter Screen Sieve

Who Can Help

  • Compost Sifter
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