How to Set Up a Grow Room


Setting up an indoor grow room is one way to enjoy the benefits of a garden all year round. A grow room is a climate-controlled environment that allows you to extend your harvest beyond just the summer months. Imagine fresh tomatoes in January or fresh herbs all year round. Setting up a grow room is one way to ensure you will have fresh organic veggies all year long.

Setting up a Grow Room

Step 1

Choose a room with a window for ventilation. Grow lights can get very hot and you don't want your plants toasted. Mount a fan into the window, turned so that it's blowing air out of the room.

Step 2

Cover the floor with a sheet of waterproof material, such as plastic sheeting or a tarpaulin.

Step 3

Hang the lights from the ceiling, spaced according to manufacturer's instructions. Different kinds of lights and different-sized bulbs cover a different amount of space. The lights you need will be determined by the size of your room.

Step 4

Install your timers on each light so that they all turn off and on at the same time. Some growers prefer to mimic the summer sun by having the lights on for 12 to 18 hours a day. Other growers prefer to speed up their harvest with 24 hours of sunshine.

Step 5

Black out the windows, taking caution not to block your ventilation fan. The sun's rays throughout the day could influence your plant's growth cycle. For indoor growth, it's best to use only artificial lighting.

Step 6

Arrange your plants so that there's plenty of airflow between them. You may want to place fans at stem-level to keep the stalks and stems strong and prevent heat buildup from rotting the root base.

Step 7

Install a CO2 (carbon dioxide) generator in a corner away from your plants. Plants need CO2 to grow. They absorb CO2 and emit oxygen. If you have a gas-powered CO2 generator, it should be installed outdoors and the CO2-rich air should be vented into the room.

Tips and Warnings

  • Breathing air that's rich in CO2 can be deadly for humans. Avoid entering the room when you're using the CO2 generator.

Things You'll Need

  • Grow lights (metal halide, sodium halide, LED or flourescent)
  • Fan
  • Timers
  • Well-mounted thermometer
  • CO2 generator


  • Growing Vegetables Indoors
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