How to Water Vegetable Seedlings


Growing vegetable seedlings indoors gives you a jump start on the gardening season, but the seedlings require close monitoring. Not only must they receive adequate light and nutrients, but they also must be watered regularly. How you water your seedlings depends on the pot size, room temperature and the rate at which the plants are growing.

Step 1

Group vegetable seedlings according to the type of plant and age of the seedlings. Young seedlings require less water than older ones, due to their small size and slow growth.

Step 2

Monitor the soil and seedlings daily for signs of drying. Water when the soil is dry to the touch or the leaves show the first signs of wilting.

Step 3

Apply water at room temperature, as cold water shocks young roots and stresses the plant. Pour water directly onto the soil until water runs clear of the drainage holes. Or water seedlings by sitting the pot in a tray of water until the soil is moist. Another option is to use a spray bottle, so that you aim the water directly at the soil line and away from the leaves.

Step 4

Increase the frequency of watering as seedlings mature and demand more water. Young seedlings may require watering twice a week; larger seedlings generally require daily watering.

Things You'll Need

  • Watering can, pitcher, spray bottle
  • Tray


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