Information on the Newport Flowering Purple Leaf Plum


Notable for its glossy purple foliage, the Newport Flowering Plum, which is prized by many gardeners, adds a striking contrast to the deep green landscape of summer.


Multi-stemmed and vase shaped, Newport Plums reach a height of 25 feet and 15 to 20 feet wide at the crown.


Deep purple throughout the growing season, foliage turns bronze or red in the fall.

Flowers and Fruit

Small, single pinkish-white flowers appear in early spring. Fruits are small and dull purple. Attractive to birds and squirrels, the fruit is not for human consumption.


Full sun will provide the best foliage color. Newport Plum tolerates a wide range of soil conditions including slightly acid or alkaline.


Once established, Newport Plum trees can tolerate periods of drought. It will not, however, tolerate boggy or wet environments.

Hardiness and Range

Newport Plum is suitable for use in zones 4 through 10. A thick, root-protecting mulch is recommended in zones 4 and 5.


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