How to Care for Outdoor Hanging Plants


Hanging plants are an effective way to add color and interest to a balcony or porch, and the wide variety of suitable candidate makes hanging containers great fun to plant. Although their requirements are different than for in-ground plants, hanging plants that are properly maintained will continue to bloom from spring into autumn.

Step 1

Hang plants where they will get the proper amount of sunlight. Plants such as nasturtiums, petunias and geraniums need plenty of sunlight, but other plants such as fuchsia, impatiens and begonias will do better in shade or partial shade.,

Step 2

Water hanging plants often, because the plants will dry out much faster than in-ground plants. Feel the soil, and if it's dry at a depth of an inch, it should be watered. You can also lift the container, and if it's light, it's probably dry. Water the pot until water drains out of the bottom. In hot, dry weather, you may need to water hanging containers 2-3 times a day.

Step 3

Feed hanging plants a good quality liquid or time-release fertilizer regularly, according to the directions on the label. Liquid fertilizers are fast-acting, and will need to be applied often during the growing season. Time-release fertilizers will last much longer, and depending on the brand of fertilizer, one feeding during the growing season may be enough. The fertilizer will be more effective if you use it when the soil is damp.

Step 4

Deadhead the blooms on hanging plants to stimulate the formation of new flowers. To deadhead, pinch or cut off blooms as soon as they wilt and fade.

Step 5

Trim the plants if they begin to look too long or too thick. Trimming will make the hanging container look neater, and will increase the plant's sunlight and air circulation.

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