How to Take Care of Kalanchoe Plants


Bright red kalanchoes are popular Christmas season plants, and pink, salmon and lavender kalanchoes are Valentine's Day favorites. When properly cared for, these plants can bloom for up to eight weeks. Even after they're finished blooming for the season, kalanchoes are still beautiful plants with dark green, waxy leaves. Give them a period of dark days if you want them to bloom the following year.

Step 1

Water your kalanchoe from the bottom of the plant once every 7 to 10 days until Memorial Day, and then water it once a week. Always use warm water and, if possible, water it in the morning. Overwatering will kill kalanchoes, so water sparingly. If the leaves begin to look droopy or fall off, leave a couple of extra days between the next watering.

Step 2

Feed the kalanchoe a good all-purpose houseplant food with each watering while it's blooming. When it's finished blooming, stop fertilizing until it begins to show new growth. Remove each blossom when it begins to fade.

Step 3

Repot the plant when it's finished blooming in the spring. Purchase a plastic pot one size larger than the current pot. Remove the kalanchoe from its current pot and carefully move it into the new pot. Fill up the empty spaces with a high-quality commercial potting soil and water it well.

Step 4

Put the re-potted kalanchoe in a dark room and don't water it for at least two weeks. After 2-3 weeks, water the plant thoroughly from the bottom and bring it back out into the sunlight during the daytime.

Step 5

Make sure the kalanchoe gets at least 12 hours of darkness every night. During the daytime, put the plant in direct sunlight. Dark spots on the leaves are an indication that the plant may be getting too much sunlight, so move it where it will receive indirect sunlight. This is unlikely to occur unless you live in a hot climate.

Things You'll Need

  • All-purpose houseplant fertilizer
  • Plastic pot
  • High-quality commercial potting soil


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