How to Protect Pansies From Hard Freeze


Pansies are cool weather plants, and their cheery blooms are one of the first signs of spring. They are tolerant of cold weather, and prefer chilly days over the hot days of summer. Pansies usually aren't harmed by freezing, but a little tender loving care during the winter will prevent damage caused by dry winds, and by repeated thawing and freezing of the soil.

Step 1

Keep pansies watered until the first freeze. Damp soil will be less susceptible to buckling that can occur during freezing and thawing.

Step 2

Make a shelter for the pansies by covering them with some small tree branches, which will protect the them from dry winds.The branches of a Christmas tree are ideal. Don't use so many branches that no light will get through to the pansies.

Step 3

Cover the branches with a thin layer of mulch, such as grass clippings or straw. The branches will keep the mulch from crushing the pansies, and both will help to keep the pansies dry. If the pansies are allowed to become waterlogged by rain or snow, it can kill them.

Things You'll Need

  • Tree branches
  • Mulch


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