How to Make Garden Decorations


Garden decorations can add a touch of color to a sparse winter landscape or an element of surprise among lush summer foliage. You can make wire butterflies for any garden with colorful crystal prisms and a few simple techniques. Make your wire butterflies any size you like and hang them from a tree or stake them in the ground. Soldering is not required for this simple craft project. If you can follow a pattern, you can make these charming garden decorations.

Step 1

Find a template of a butterfly to fit the size decoration you'd like to make for your garden. Look for patterns in coloring books, online or draw one yourself.

Step 2

Transfer the template design to the wood board with a pencil. Create a jig by hammering 2-inch nails a half inch into the wood surface along the outline of the design. Space the nails up to a half inch apart, but make sure that you have nails at each curve or dip in the pattern.

Step 3

Unroll a length of 20-gauge craft wire from the spool, but do not cut it. Make a small hook in the end of the wire with round-nose pliers. Loop the hook around the nail in the center at the bottom of your butterfly's wings.

Step 4

Begin wrapping the wire around the outside of the nails to shape it into a butterfly. Work your way around all of the nails, ending where you began. Cut the wire so that it overlaps the first hook that you made. Make a second hook in the end of the wire.

Step 5

Lift the butterfly shape from the nail jig. Connect the two hooks and close each of them with your pliers. The outline of your butterfly wings is intact.

Step 6

Cut a 2-foot-long section of wire. Hold one end against the large end of the tapered dowel. Wrap the wire tightly around the dowel to create a tapered spiral. Stretch the spiral enough to squeeze several large crystal beads or marbles inside. Close the spiral around the beads. This is the body of your butterfly. Connect the body to the wings with wire.

Step 7

Cut a 10-inch section of wire and make a small spiral in the center. You can wrap the wire around the tapered end of your dowel or use a pen. Open the spiral enough to insert a crystal bead or a marble. Close the spiral around the embellishment.

Step 8

Place the wire across one of your butterfly's wings so that the bead is inside the wing. Wrap the ends of the wire around the wing wires. Cut off any excess wire. Make as many wire veins with beaded spirals as you like to embellish your butterfly's wings. Try to keep the decorations symmetrical.

Things You'll Need

  • Template
  • Pencil
  • Wood board
  • 2-inch nails
  • 20-gauge craft wire
  • Round-nose pliers
  • Wire cutters
  • Tapered wood dowel
  • Crystal beads
  • Marbles


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