How to Plant a Weeping Cherry Tree


Stunning in springtime with trailing boughs covered in fragrant pink blossoms, the weeping cherry, a member of the rose family, makes an ideal ornamental tree in temperate growing zones. The weeping cherry may reach an adult height of 40 feet, although most specimens are noticeably smaller. Grafted onto standard rootstock, the weeping cherry branches may sweep the ground. Plant this showy tree where you can enjoy it during the bloom season.

Step 1

Choose a location with well-drained soil and partial-sun to full-sun exposure. Spreading up to 25 feet in diameter at maturity, the weeping cherry needs sufficient space between its trunk and nearby structures to grow unhindered. In the United States, this tree flourishes in zones 5 through 8. (See Resources)

Step 2

Dig the hole for your weeping cherry tree to approximately twice the diameter of the root ball and to a depth that equals that of the root ball or of the container. Use your shovel to loosen the soil around the perimeter of the hole and at the bottom.

Step 3

Remove the tree from its container or gently loosen the root ball with your fingers if you purchased a bare-root tree and place it carefully in the prepared hole, holding it upright with the top of the root-ball approximately 1 inch above ground level.

Step 4

Position your tree now for the best view. It helps to have an assistant hold the tree in place while you back up and look. Rotate the tree so that the best side faces the area from which you will most often view it.

Step 5

Fill in the hole with the dirt you removed, using water from the hose to wet the dirt, encouraging it to settle around and between the roots without air pockets. Continue to add dirt and water, straightening the tree as you go.

Step 6

Stake your new tree if the trunk is thin and pliable. Three stakes, place equally around the base of the tree, a few feet away from the trunk will allow you to secure a small tree in a vertical position. Larger trees may also benefit from initial staking.

Step 7

Prune off the tips of branches that reach the ground and remove any dead branches with very sharp pruning nippers to encourage new growth.

Tips and Warnings

  • Avoid using chips and shavings from treated wood to mulch around your tree. These chips contain chemicals that may be detrimental to the health of your tree.

Things You'll Need

  • Weeping cherry tree
  • Sharp shovel
  • Water hose
  • Stakes (optional)
  • Organic mulch (optional)
  • Assistant (recommended)


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