How to Create a Rose Garden


Imagine walking or sitting in a garden surrounded by beautiful colored roses, each emitting a mild fragrance. Roses are an all-time favorite found in many homes and gardens. Creating a rose garden in your yard that is both decorative and functional is bound to make heads turn. There are many types of roses that vary according to color, height and bloom length. Use your imagination to mix climbing varieties with rose bushes in your garden to make each plant stand out.

Step 1

Walk the length of your lawn to determine where you want to plant your rose garden. You can plant it in the entire lawn, or cordon off a small area for it. Make sure the particular area gets adequate sunlight, at least six to eight hours daily, and has well-drained soil.

Step 2

Draw a sketch of the rose garden on paper. Decide where you want to plant rose beds and their shapes, and where you want climbing ones. Also include any planters or containers you want to install. Keep the space in mind when designing to prevent the rose garden from looking overcrowded or the roses from entangling. Miniature roses require the least amount of spacing; standard roses need to be spaced three feet apart, while climbers require seven to eight feet.

Step 3

Dig a few rose beds that are long and narrow, while make others curved and oval by placing a garden hose or rope on the ground and following its shape. You can also make rectangular beds along the sides of your garden and dig angular ones in the center. Play around with shapes and designs to fit the space available.

Step 4

Remove any weeds, rocks or debris from the site. Loosen the soil in the beds with a spade, and remove an inch or two. Use a wheelbarrow to dispose of the extra material.

Step 5

Test the pH level of your soil by taking a sample to your local garden center. Roses require a pH level between 6.0 and 6.5, so amend the soil by adding sulfur or lime.

Step 6

Add an inch or two of compost or manure to the site selected for your flowerbeds.

Step 7

Purchase roses in different colors to plant in your rose garden from a local nursery. Space them appropriately to create a symmetrical garden that is pleasing to the eye. You can make beds with similar colored roses and plant miniature roses in a contrasting color to serve as their boundary if you do not want edging.

Step 8

Add a strong trellis or arbor to your rose garden for climbing roses, which can get quite heavy. An arched trellis at the entrance or exit of your rose garden enhances its appeal.

Things You'll Need

  • Paper
  • Marker
  • Shovel
  • Garden hose
  • Wheelbarrow
  • Container
  • Sulfur or lime
  • Compost
  • Roses
  • Trellis


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  • Designing a Rose Garden
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