How to Control Common Lawn Weeds


No matter the size or location of a lawn, there's one thing all homeowners will have in common---battling weeds. With a little concerted effort, homeowners can keep weeds in their place---away from their lawns. Stay just as resolved to keep weeds out as they are determined to sprout.

Step 1

Be knowledgeable about what's growing in your lawn. Identify the type of weed that is growing to ensure the best control. Knowing what is blooming---and when it will bloom again---is often the best defense at preventing re-emergence. Watch for annual weeds to grow by seed, once a year; biennial weeds live for two years; perennials produce new seeds each year and live season to season.

Step 2

Practice preventive measures. Maintaining a healthy lawn is the next best defense against weeds. Properly water and fertilize your lawn to discourage non-beneficial pests or diseases. Remember that lawns that receive too much wear, improper sunlight or insect damage are much more susceptible to weed growth.

Step 3

Control weeds with or without chemicals. Pulling them by hand (when they are young) or using a weeding hoe are the safest methods to control weeds. Use herbicides to manage annual, biennial or perennial weeds on expansive lawns or on those that have become too overgrown with weeds. (Pre-emergent herbicides are used before weeds are growing rampantly. Post-emergent herbicides are used once weeds have begun to grow.) Mix herbicides with water; attach a garden hose to the bottle and spray over large or heavily infested lawns.

Things You'll Need

  • Weeding hoe
  • Herbicides
  • Garden hose


  • Weed Control in Lawns and Other Turf
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