How to Care for a Banksiae Purezza Rambler Rose


Banksiae purezza is a white blooming varietal of the climbing shrub rose species also known as Lady Banks or banksia roses. Banksiae roses are particularly desirable for their abundant bloom, sweet scent and near thornless stems. They perform best when allowed to grow over an arbor, loggia, tutuer or sturdy fence and when grown in a full sun exposure. Significant pruning should be done either in early spring while the rose is dormant or mid-spring once fresh growth appears.

Step 1

Maintenance prune to tidy the shrub and remove damaged or diseased canes and foliage as needed throughout the growing season. Inspect the shrub each time that you water to catch any problems before damage or disease spreads. Dead head spent flowers to encourage new bloom. Refrain from deadhead pruning if you want to allow the shrub to develop decorative rose hips.

Step 2

Harvest individual flowers or rose bunches when a few flowers open with the rest in bud for use in cut flower arrangements. Place in cool water and remove foliage below the water line.

Step 3

Hard prune your shrub roses once or year or as needed to control their shape and size. Remove dead or damaged canes down to live wood or down to the crown of the rose plant. Place cut at least 1/4-inch above a leaf node or bud to encourage branching and flowering. Remove up to 1/3 of the older canes through the interior and around the perimeter of the shrub.

Things You'll Need

  • Secateurs
  • Long handled loppers


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