How to Care for My Lawn


Have you ever wanted to have a lush, green lawn but didn't know how to get started? Caring for a lawn is a simple process involving adding amendments to the soil, cutting the right way, and aerating. Although it seems like a lot, caring for a lawn is nothing more than routine maintenance with a small amount of extra work in the spring. Following these steps will ensure you get the lawn you want without having to hire a professional landscaper to do it.

Step 1

Give your soil plenty of lime. Lime neutralizes acidity in the soil and creates a more tolerable growing environment for grass. The best type of lime for this is limestone pellets that come in a bag at any garden store. Spread the lime as evenly as possible across your lawn with a lawn spreader set to a medium setting. Make sure to cover the lawn from edge to edge, and go over it more than once to make sure you coat your lawn evenly.

Step 2

Add fertilizer to your soil. Lawn fertilizer contains phosphorous, nitrogen and potassium. These are the essential nutrients that will help grass grow quickly and take on a beautiful deep green color. A garden supply store will have a fertilizer that contains these nutrients in equal amounts and can easily be spread with a lawn spreader. Each brand will require a different amount when spreading, but the instructions will be on the bag for setting your lawn spreader.

Step 3

Aerate your lawn in the spring. Aerating is a process of putting many small holes in your lawn to allow oxygen to reach the soil. You can do this by hand if your lawn is small, but aerating machines are much easier and quicker. They pull small plugs of soil out of the ground as they pass in even increments. Aerating has many benefits including promoting root health and improving soil structure.

Step 4

Cut your lawn to the right height. When mowing your grass, never cut it below 3 inches in height. This will maintain the proper ratio of leaf to root in grass, allowing it to more efficiently use water. It will also help keep the sun from warming the ground too much, keeping water from evaporating.

Things You'll Need

  • Lime
  • Lawn spreader
  • Fertilizer
  • Aerator
  • Lawn mower


  • EPA's Healthy Lawn Guide
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