How to Plant Vines


Vines create romance and interest in the garden; train them over an arbor, around a post, and you have appeal and a retreat-like feature in your landscape. Planting vines is simple; here's how.

Step 1

Plan on the support system for your vines before planting; once they're growing, you don't want to have to step all over them in order to install a trellis. Vines grow well on fences, up most walls, on arbors, posts or trellis-like structures. Be sure your support is sturdy.

Step 2

Place training wires, stakes or strings in place to help guide the young vines toward and then up their support system; attach one end of a stake or string to the support system and the other end (stretched taut) at the spot where you will plant the vine.

Step 3

Dig a hole for the vine plant; make it as deep and twice as wide as the young plant.

Step 4

Gently remove the vine from its pot or container and set into the hole; backfill with a good topsoil or potting soil and water thoroughly.

Step 5

Check the newly planted vine every 2 days during the first several weeks and water if there's been no rainfall. As the vine grows, gently twine each one around the training wire or stake so it will grow toward the permanent support. Once the vine has reached the support, you can remove the training system.

Tips and Warnings

  • Be wary of vines touted as "fast growing," as these can often become invasive.

Things You'll Need

  • Vine plants
  • Support system
  • Training wires, stakes or strings
  • Shovel
  • Topsoil or potting soil
  • Water


  • Climbing Vines Can Make Great Problem-Solvers by Larry Sagers
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