How to Encapsulate Dried Herbs


Placing dried herbs into capsules is not at all difficult, just a bit time-consuming. You need a steady hand, good eyesight and a place where you won't be disturbed. Empty capsules can be found from many herbal and health food supply stores.

Step 1

Grind the dried herbs to the desired consistency. An old-fashioned mortar and pestle works; a quicker, updated method is to use a spare electric coffee grinder.

Step 2

Crease a clean sheet of paper down the middle, lengthwise, then lay it on the work surface. Let the sides of the paper raise up with the crease.

Step 3

Use a measuring spoon to measure out the desired amount of herb for one capsule. Carefully pour this amount onto the middle of the creased piece of paper.

Step 4

Hold the larger half of the empty capsule in one hand; grip the paper by its two slightly raised sides so that the dried herb settles in the crease.

Step 5

Let the dried herb slide down the paper crease and into the capsule.

Step 6

Push the smaller half of the capsule into the larger half to seal it. Store the capsules in an airtight container to prolong the potency of the dried herb.

Things You'll Need

  • Empty capsules
  • Clean paper
  • Measuring spoon

Who Can Help

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