How to Select Seeds to Start Your Garden Indoors


Whether you are planning a vegetable garden or flower garden, indoor planting is an effective choice for many types of plants. It gives you a jump on the growing season by having small plants ready for transplanting in the spring, as opposed to starting seeds from scratch.

Step 1

Determine the types of flowers or vegetables you want to have in the garden for the spring. Some flowers and vegetables are so easy to grow that they will not require starting them indoors from seed.

Step 2

Pick cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, spinach, lettuce, tomato, pepper and squash seeds to start indoors for a vegetable garden. When you purchase your seeds, read the seed packets and speak with the clerk to determine other vegetable seeds that may be started indoors in your area.

Step 3

Select any type of herb to start indoors. Many herbs are grown indoors year-round as well as outdoors.

Step 4

Pick snapdragon, coleus, marigold, aster and zinnia seeds for indoor seed sowing. Read the seed packets. Some flower seeds need to be covered to germinate indoors, while others need sunlight.


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