How to Make a Holiday Wreath


Start off your holiday season by making a vibrant holiday wreath to hang on your front door, mantle or staircase. Be inventive and look outside in your garden for organic material like magnolia leaves, berry sprigs and bougainvillea blossoms. Bay leaves found inside your spice rack can also be used to create a festive holiday wreath. Accessories like ornaments and ribbon can add sparkle and color to your wreath. Use your imagination and build a nontypical square wreath instead of the usual circular shape. Adorn the wreath with a set of sparking lights for a magical glow.

Step 1

Start off with an artificial or a fresh wreath. Use pine combs and green apples to decorate a stunning and colorful holiday wreath.

Step 2

Take garden wire and twist the wire around an open spot in the pine comb.Twist the wire around, leaving two tails out beside both sides of the pine comb. Pull the two tails together and twist them. This allows you to place the pine comb anywhere on the wreath.

Step 3

Repeat steps 1 and 2 with the apple. Don't be afraid to put the wire straight through the apple. Pull both sides of the wire up and twist them around together so it stabilizes under the apple. You're ready to wire them onto the wreath.

Step 4

Randomly add the apples and pine combs to the wreath. Use the "tails" of the wire and wrap around the wreath. Be careful and make sure you pull the wire tightly around the bows of the wreath so they don't flop when you hold up the wreath.

Step 5

Take a yard segment of wired ribbon, then pinch it together and around the wired bristles of the wreath. Wrap the bristle around it to hold it in place. Go around every 6 or 8 inches, then pull the ribbon back down and wrap the bristle around. Repeat until you have gone back and forth through the entire wreath. You don't need a perfect pattern.

Step 6

Cut the ribbon at the ends to make a chevron, which is similar to a V shape. Cut the ribbon from the outside edge toward the center of the ribbon to create a nice chevron. Create a bow out of the same ribbon and attach it to the bottom of the wreath by wrapping the wire around the whole wreath until it's secure. Get ready to hang it on the door!

Things You'll Need

  • Wreath
  • Pine combs
  • Green apples
  • Garden wire
  • Ribbon
  • Scissors


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