How to Plant Flower Gardens


A flower garden is a wonderful addition to any outdoor space, and can be a rewarding experience for a gardener. However, different types of flowers require different kinds of care, and not all flowers will grow in certain conditions. You will need to decide what types of flowers you want to grow as well as where the flower garden should be.

Step 1

Find an area where there's a lot of sunlight. Most flowers require a lot of sunlight, so the amount of sun in an area should be a deciding factor in whether you put your garden in a certain area. You may want to visit local botanical gardens, greenhouses or parks, or talk with your neighbors to find out what types of flowers do well in your area.

Step 2

Free the area of grass, weeds and other plants. These will rob the soil of nutrients that your flowers will need to grow. A tiller or hoe can be used to turn the soil to remove grass and roots. Push the tiller or hoe into the soil near the plant until you hit the root. Then dig around the root and pull the plant out of the soil.

Step 3

Prepare the soil with a slow-release fertilizer. Get a fertilizer that is intended for flowers, and follow the instructions on the label. Some fertilizer is sprayed, while other kinds of fertilizer are put in the watering can. This will help to ensure that the soil has all the proper nutrients that the flowers will need to grow well.

Step 4

Buy your plants. You might shop at the local greenhouse or garden supply store, and you will find a variety of options for buying plants. Some are started as bulbs, some as seeds, and some may be partially grown bushes. Choose a variety that does well in your climate, and pay close attention to the care it needs. Once you have selected some plants that are good candidates, you can choose some based on their appearance and how they will look in your garden.

Step 5

Use your tiller or hoe to dig a hole that is as deep as the roots. Place the roots into the hole and pack soil around the roots gently.

Step 6

Water the plants according to the instructions on their labels, or ask for suggestions at the greenhouse or store.

Step 7

Consider adding a fence or other barrier to keep out rabbits and other animals. Many animals will eat your plants or otherwise do damage to your garden. It is possible to get attractive garden fences that will add to the beauty of your garden. They can also provide a barrier between the garden and the rest of your yard.

Things You'll Need

  • Flowers (annual or perennials)
  • Compost or manure
  • Slow-release fertilizer
  • Tiller or hoe
  • Water
  • Garden fence


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