How to Water a Fukien Tree Bonsai


The Fukien Tea tree is a popular bonsai tree that is named after the Chinese province where it originates. With dark green oval leaves and light crackled bark, this tree lends itself well to the beauty of form inherent in a bonsai tree. Fukien Tea trees require frequent watering but cannot tolerate their roots being in standing water so it is imperative that they are planted in a well-draining bonsai potting mix and placed in a draining tray.

Step 1

Once each day, preferably in the morning, test your Fukien Tea Bonsai for moisture by sticking your finger into the potting mix just under the surface. The soil should feel moist but not wet or saturated. If the soil is dry, it is time to water the plant.

Step 2

Place your Fukien Tea Bonsai pot in a tray or in an area that will allow it to drain freely from the bottom as the the plant is being watered.

Step 3

There is an old Japanese saying -- Water three times; once for the pot, once for the soil, and once for the tree. Water the plant with the watering can, slowly wetting the soil in all areas of the pot, then wait a minute or two and repeat, wait again and repeat. This is so that the water has a chance to flow through into the soil and moisten as much as possible before more water is added. This slow progression of watering ensures the most coverage without saturating spots of soil.

Step 4

Once a week, water the plant by submerging it in a large bucket of water until the bubbling stops, then allowing it to drain completely. This renews the nutrients in the soil by washing away any stagnant gases and replacing the oxygen and nitrogen from the air.

Step 5

Wash the leaves and branches with water in a spray bottle once each week or two, depending on climate and whether the plant is kept inside or outside. This will keep dust off of the leaves, allowing them to "breathe," and provides moisture through the leaves as well.

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