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Bacopa, also known as water hyssop, is a member of the Scrophulariaceae plant family. It is related to foxglove, monkey flowers, paintbrushes and blue-eyed Mary.


Bacopa has rounded leaves and small, star-shaped flowers. It grows from about 3 to 8 inches high and about 1 to 1 ½ feet wide, depending on the variety. The flowers can be blue, violet, red, pink or white.


In the hottest climate, zones 9 and 10 in the continental United States, bacopa will grow outdoors as a perennial (a plant that lives for several years). In colder climates it grows as an annual (a plant that dies and has to be resewed each year).


Bacopa does best in full sun to partial shade and moist soils. Bogs are its natural environment.


Bacopa is used in hanging baskets and containers. It does well planted in groupings. Bacopa is also used as an aquarium plant.


Bacopa is relatively problem-free. The only insect that can cause it problems is the aphid.


  • Scrophulariaceae - Figwort Family
  • Bacopa (Water Hyssop)
  • Bacopas

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