How to Plant a Jasmine Plant


A jasmine plant is a bush that vines and grows on trellises, fences or any other structure that it can attach itself and grow. Jasmine has fragrant flowers that bloom and the color of the flowers determines the type of jasmine bush it is. The fragrance of the jasmine is so strong and is noticeable several feet away. Planting jasmine adds a wonderful touch to any garden.

Step 1

Determine a location for the jasmine. Keep in mind that jasmine is a bush that vines. It may appear small at planting time, but it will grow and encompass a large area. Suggestions are a fence or trellis where other plants are not located. The jasmine will grow quite thick. The location will need at least six hours of sun a day.

Step 2

Prepare the location by clearing the soil of grass, weeds and debris.

Step 3

Dig a hole in the ground that is approximately two times larger than the pot the plant is presently in. The depth should stay the same, though, as the stem of the jasmine needs to continue to stay at the same level as that in the pot.

Step 4

Turn the pot on its side and tap all the way around the pot to loosen the plant inside. Grab the plant with your fingers at the base of the plant and slide out of the pot. Loosen the roots by spreading them and pulling them apart to make a cone shape.

Step 5

Place the roots into the hole and backfill with dirt. Press the soil firmly around the plant making sure no air bubbles are present.

Step 6

Water the plant well to ensure the ground is completely wet, but not soaked. Mulch around the plant if desirable. Water the new plant every three days until new growth begins. After new growth has begun, water only when the ground is dry. Jasmine is very hardy and will continue to grow on its own.

Things You'll Need

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