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Rose hips are the fruits that remain and ripen on the rose bush after the blooms expire. Harvested in the fall, rose hips are a tasty food source, a traditional folk medicine and a fragrant potpourri.


Most rose hips are orange or red in color, but some varieties may darken to purple or black. The shape is oval, and the size ranges from that of a cranberry to a prune. Rose hips have sweet, tart flesh and bitter, inedible seeds.


Ripe rose hips make flavorful syrups, teas, pies, jellies and jams. The fresh or dried fruit accents stews, puddings and breads. Folk doctors prescribe powdered rose hips or rose hip tea to treat arthritis and stomach ailments. Dried rose hips provide a pleasant texture, contrast and scent in potpourri.

Nutritional Value

Certain species of rose hips, including those of the dog rose and Rugosa rose, are rich in vitamin C. Rose hips also contain bioflavonoids, antioxidants, phosphorus, iron, calcium, potassium, zinc, vitamins A, D, B1, B3 and E, phytochemicals and pectin.


Ancient Romans used rose hips to flavor candy and treat a myriad of diseases. When citrus food imports were restricted in Great Britain during World War II, local rose hip syrup provided people with supplemental vitamin C.


Rose hips exposed to pesticides may be toxic if eaten. Aluminum pans and utensils will destroy the vitamin C in rose hips.


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