When to Plant Vegetables


Growing your own vegetable garden is a great way to make fresh vegetables readily available for cooking and provides an economical remedy to high grocery bills. To make the most of your vegetable garden, consider when is the best time to plant vegetables. The times vary according to location and the types of vegetables you plant.


Where you live will help you to determine when is the right time to plant your vegetable garden. In warmer clients, you can plant for longer times and later into the year. For example, in Florida, you can plant vegetables in October, but in cooler climates such as in Kentucky, the season for planting is already over by October. Eleven planting zones break up Canada, the United States, and Mexico, to determine appropriate planting times.

Time Frame

Along with geography, frost dates also determine when to plant vegetables. The time of the last frost in the spring and the first frost in the fall are important frost dates to consider for planting vegetables. The general rule is to plant after the frost; however, some types of vegetables need planting weeks before the last frost. Of course, the frost dates also change with geography. Some vegetables can be planted in the spring and fall. Generally, May is the earliest month for planting in the United States, and December is the latest; different types of vegetables can be planted in the middle months of the growing season.


Each type of vegetable is available in more than one breed or variety. One vegetable variety, such as pink half-runner beans, may have a different appropriate planting time than another variety, such as blue lake beans. While some varieties or breeds grow better in the early spring, others will grow better in the fall.


The seed package of the vegetables you plant will provide you with the best idea of when to plant that type and variety of vegetable. A farmer's almanac is another great resource for determining the appropriate time for planting. A farmer's almanac provides frost dates and details of specific vegetables to plant on certain days, or in certain months.

Growing Indoors

Plant and grow vegetables earlier by growing them indoors before transplanting to a garden. With proper lighting and heating, you can start your garden any time of the year, and in any climate, by growing inside your home or in a greenhouse. You can keep your vegetables in your greenhouse and avoid transplanting to have fresh vegetables year round.

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