How to Gather Rose Hips


Cutting the blooms as soon as they fade is the best way to encourage roses to keep blooming throughout the season, but by doing so, you miss the opportunity to enjoy the rose hips. The hips, power-packed with vitamin C, develop at the base of the bloom as it wilts, and they turn bright red after the first freeze. They are delicious in syrup, jelly and wine, and can be dried to make rose hip tea.

Step 1

Allow a few roses to remain on the bush when they've finished blooming for the season. When the blooms die, the petals will fall off.

Step 2

Locate the rose hips, which will look like miniature green apples at the base of the roses. The rose hips will turn from green to yellow. After a frost, they will turn bright red and will be ready for picking.

Step 3

Twist the rose hips with your fingers to remove them from the plant. Rinse the rose hips in cool water and put them on a large tray or cookie sheet to dry for several days until the skin of the rose hips is dry and shriveled. Stir them occasionally so they'll dry evenly.

Step 4

Put the dried rose hips in a plastic storage bag and store them in the refrigerator for up three months. You can freeze them if you want to keep them longer.

Things You'll Need

  • Large tray or cookie sheet
  • Plastic storage bag


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