Types of Large Bonsai Trees

Bonsai trees are broken down into two different classifications: indoor and outdoor. The trees can be grown into a variety of shapes by putting wires around the trunks and branches of the tree. The tree then grows in the directions of the wire. Bonsai trees are mostly used for decoration and require a lot of sunlight to grow.

Chokkan Bonsai Tree

A Chokkan Bonsai is shaped like a full grown tree but is smaller. It has an upright and straight tapering trunk. They have a rounded crown similar to a Christmas tree, and has symmetrical branches. Chokkan plants do not need to be planted right in the middle of a pot, as it can be planted on the left or right sides.

Shakan Bonsai Trees

A Shakan has a slant style shape. The slant measures between thirty and seventy five degrees. Outdoors, a Shaken Bonsai's branches will grow away from the direction of the trunk if it is in an area where the wind blows in a number of directions. The way a Shakan Bonsai grows depends on gravity and the level of ground or soil that it has been planted on.

Kengai Bonsai Trees

Kengai Bonsai trees are also referred as cascade style trees. The branches lay sideways and lean low down by the base of the plant. The trunk of a Kengai twists because it grows below the level of the plant's container. In the outdoors, these types of trees can be found near the edges of cliffs.

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