How to Water a Wisteria Vine


Wisteria is an aggressive, climbing and twisting vine that grows best in full sun. In fact, if a wisteria vine is not in full sun, it may not bloom at all. However, this sun exposure may lead to watering concerns. Special care after planting, along with some watering techniques, will help your wisteria thrive.

Step 1

Mulch over wisteria roots. Use a couple inches of mulch, such as wood chips, pine needles or bark, and cover about a two foot perimeter around the base of the plant. Mulch will help retain water and maintain soil temperatures.

Step 2

Water a wisteria vine in the morning or evening on hot summer days, which will maximize water retention by reducing evaporation. Water slowly and only as fast as the soil can absorb it. Be sure to cover the entire root system, which can spread out a couple feet from the base of the plant depending on the age of your vine.

Step 3

Soak the soil with a few inches of water right after planting a wisteria vine.

Step 4

Water a newly plant wisteria vine an inch of water each week provided it did not rain at least an inch of water that week. Keep this up for the first few months until the vine is well established.

Step 5

Water an established wisteria vine sparingly. It generally does not need any other water other than rainfall; however if your area is experiencing a drought, then water it about an inch every two to three weeks.


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