How to Care for Jasmine Plants


Jasmine plants and vines are a popular addition to gardens and landscapes for their fragrant aroma, delicate white, yellow or light purple flowers, and their attractive appearance on walls or a trellis. They grow best in warm tropical climates, and bloom year-round, growing to almost 15 feet when cared for and pruned properly.

Step 1

Plant jasmine in an area of your landscape that has good drainage, preferably with sandy loam soil. If you have multiple jasmine plants, make sure they are at least 3 feet apart for proper growing room.

Step 2

Make sure the jasmine plants have full sun exposure for at least four hours a day. If temperatures drop below 50 degrees Fahrenheit, protect them with a canvas pinned up over the plants.

Step 3

Water the jasmine whenever the soil feels dry. The point is to keep it moist, but not soaked. The roots of jasmine plants cannot be submersed in water.

Step 4

Stake young jasmine plants if necessary for stability. Do this by inserting a wooden stake right next to the plant and use plant ties to secure the jasmine loosely to it. This helps hold it up in strong winds and makes it grow upright and sturdy.

Step 5

Prune jasmine plants each spring by trimming back any dead or broken branches to the trunk, and shape it as you please--as a climbing vine is the most popular shape. Pinch off dead flowers throughout the year as needed. This will help encourage growth and make it a full, healthy plant.

Things You'll Need

  • Gardening gloves
  • Water
  • Pruning shears or scissors
  • Stake


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