How to Transplant Jade Plants


Jade plants are easy to propagate. These succulents favor indirect light and can be harmed by watering too often. Before learning how to transplant jade plants, make sure that the time is right. Jade plants usually thrive when their pots get crowded and only need to be transplanted once in a two- or three-year span. There are a few easy steps to take when transplanting that will help the plant to continue thriving.

Step 1

Prune your jade plant with a by-pass pruner to help speed up the plant's ability to reestablish itself in the new soil and larger pot. Save the clippings if you want to propagate the plant.

Step 2

Choose a flower pot one size larger than the one the plant is in, and that has holes on the bottom to allow excess water to drain. Also, use a clay pot because it can absorb excess water.

Step 3

Mix equal parts of potting soil and sharp sand that will support the jade plant's drainage and nutrient needs. You can find sharp sand at a home improvement store labeled as quartz sand. Or you caqn buy a bag of premixed cactus and succulent potting soil.

Step 4

Remove the jade from its pot by gently tapping the side of the pot as you gently pull on the thick stem.

Step 5

Clip off rotted roots with the by-pass pruner. Also remove long roots that have wrapped around the root ball several times. Be careful not to injure the much smaller feeder roots.

Step 6

Fill the pot with soil and insert the jade plant. Keep adding soil a little at a time, gently pressing it against the plant's root ball. Leave enough of a lip at the top of the pot so that water will not spill over.

Things You'll Need

  • Clay pot
  • Soil
  • Sharp sand
  • By-pass pruner


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Who Can Help

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