How to Plant Hyacinth Bulbs in a Pot


Hyacinths produce a tightly packed collection of small flowers on a single stem, giving the appearance of a large flower. Their colors, from white to pink to purplish blue, are as vibrant as their fragrance. These beauties are one of the sure signs of spring, but you can enjoy them year-round by growing them in pots. You can also grow bulbs in a pot for a spring headstart; when the days warm, place the pots into a window box or outdoor container for a great show.

Step 1

Purchase and use bulbs for "winter forcing" if you want to grow hyacinths indoors during the winter months; bulbs need a dormant period in order to bloom again; by purchasing bulbs ready for forcing, you'll know that these bulbs have already had their dormant period and are ready to grow.

Step 2

Use a pot with drainage holes or create your own drainage holes in your chosen container.

Step 3

Place a layer of gravel or pebbles on the bottom of the pot to prevent the drainage holes from being blocked by the soil.

Step 4

Place a three-inch layer of potting soil mix into the container on top of the gravel. If you are planting in a pot that is`12 inches or larger in diameter, put down a six-inch layer of potting soil mix.

Step 5

Place the bulbs, large side down, onto the potting soil layer. You can put as many bulbs in as will fit; it's okay if the bulbs are touching.

Step 6

Cover the bulbs with the potting soil mix just to the top of the bulbs; water well.

Step 7

Place the pot in a sunny windowsill or a well-lit room. Light is essential for good foliage growth and bloom.

Step 8

Watch for growth. You should see stems within a couple of weeks and blooms in 6 to 8 weeks. If you wish to move the pots outside, wait until the night temperatures remain at 55 degrees Fahrenheit or above, or place outside during the day and bring indoors at night.


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