Health Benefits of Lemon Verbena

Lemon verbena, also known as aloysia triphylla, is an herb native to South America. The leaves and flowers of this plant have a variety of uses. Lemon verbena is an aromatic herb with a pleasant scent. It also has a distinct flavor that can be used with everything from fish and poultry to desserts. Lemon verbena touts several health benefits in a variety of forms. As with all herbal remedies, consult a physician before treating any serious ailment with these methods.

Stress Reduction

Lemon verbena has a very distinct scent that is both herbal and lemony. The smell of lemon verbena is thought to have many beneficial properties. Used in essential oils, massage oils and lotions, lemon verbena gives off a very relaxing scent. This essential oil is often used to help de-stress and promote a sense of calm. Lemon verbena can also be used in sachets and potpourri for the same purpose.


Lemon verbena can be used to make a tea that purports to have a myriad of health benefits. Among these are the ability to calm colon and stomach spasms, thus reducing flatulence, diarrhea and upset stomach. Lemon verbena tea can also help to ease colic.

Cold and Fever

Those with a bad flu or cold may benefit from lemon verbena tea for a variety of reasons. The tea is said to help reduce fever. It is also an expectorant and can help to relieve one of a cough. Lemon verbena tea is also said to aid in treating asthma. (Again, this is not meant to replace prescription medication or a doctor's advice.)


A compress of lemon verbena can be both calming to the senses, and refresh and rejuvenate the skin. Use this compress with caution, though, as lemon verbena has been known to occasionally irritate sensitive skin.

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