How to Keep Pets Out of Flower Beds


It's important to keep your pets out of your garden to make sure your flowers stay alive and healthy, but also to keep your pets safe. Some plants and flowers can be dangerous for you pets to ingest, which is why keeping your pets out of the garden is important to do before your flowers even bloom. It's not always as easy as training your pet to not enter the flower bed, as they may be attracted to certain flowers, seeds or visible insects in your garden.

Step 1

Spread lemon peels around the edges of your garden. The citrus smell is a natural repellent for cats, although if you have dog in your yard it will most likely eat the peels. Also, consider using a citrus air freshener or cat and dog repellent, which can be purchased at most home and garden stores.

Step 2

Spray your cats or dogs with water using a spray bottle whenever you catch them entering your flower bed. This may take several tries and monitoring, but eventually your pet will understand that if they enter the flower bed, they will get wet.

Step 3

Install a fence around your garden. One of your best options is to use chicken wire to line your garden. Make sure the chicken wire is buried into your soil at least 6 inches deep, with 8 inches or more visible above ground. This will also keep burrowing pests from entering your garden.

Step 4

Purchase motion-activated sprinklers if the problem persists. The sprinklers are efficient in detecting when your pet nears your flower bed, and will turn on automatically for a set duration. Motion-activated sprinklers can be purchased at your local home and garden store for use during the summer.

Step 5

Use an ultrasonic device that includes a motion sensor and sounds off a high-frequency alarm that will keep cats and dogs away from your garden. Most of these devices can are attached to small poles that you can stick into the soil of your lawn or garden. Some devices attach directly to your garden fence. Make sure to place the device in the area where the pet enters your flower bed the most.

Things You'll Need

  • Lemon peels
  • Citrus air freshener
  • Spray bottle
  • Chicken wire fence
  • Motion activated sprinklers
  • Ultrasonic device


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