How to Prune Orchid Flowers


Orchids belong to the family with the largest number of flowering plants in the world. While most varieties or orchids are found in tropical to sub-tropical regions, there are varieties of orchids that grow in almost every climate zone worldwide. If you are growing these unusual and beautiful flowers you know how amazing they are. Pruning orchids is part of caring for them. If you want to get the most blooms it is important to prune an orchid correctly.

Step 1

Wait for your orchid blooms to die. Once they have wilted and the stem is brown it is time to prune the orchid. This can happen at any time of year after the bloom cycle for your orchid is complete.

Step 2

Remove any dead, damaged or diseased foliage from your orchid plant. Remove the foliage at the base of the plant.

Step 3

Cut off dead flower stems. Cut the stems 1 inch from the base of where they originated. This may be the base of the plant or a node in the stem.

Step 4

Prune the roots of your plant at this time also if you are growing container bound orchids.

Step 5

Lift the orchid from its container. Cut off any roots that are dead or damaged. A dead root will be brown while a live root will be gray. Cut off the dead or damaged roots at the base of the orchid and place the plant back in its container.

Tips and Warnings

  • Disinfect the pruning shears with alcohol, bleach or fire between each pruning cut to prevent the spread of any diseases.

Things You'll Need

  • Pruning shears


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