How to Buy Canna Bulbs


Canna bulbs are rhizomes--thick underground stems that grow horizontally--but they are usually referred to as bulbs. Purchasing high-quality canna bulbs can make a big difference in the health and appearance of your garden. Store your bulbs properly until planting time; bulbs that are mishandled deteriorate rapidly.

Step 1

Go online or visit your local nursery to choose canna bulb varieties and colors that complement your garden. Use the picture on the label, bin or catalog as a guide.

Step 2

Place your catalog or online order in the fall through midwinter for bulbs that you will plant in the spring. Popular varieties sell out early. Many mail-order suppliers offer a discount for early orders, so check the discount dates. Allow sufficient time for delivery.

Step 3

Choose large bulbs for the largest flowers. Smaller bulbs cost less, but they will produce smaller flowers.

Step 4

Look for firm bulbs if you are buying them at a nursery. If the bulbs have soft or shriveled spots, bruises or cuts, don't buy them.

Step 5

Avoid bulb clearance sales at the end of summer. These bulbs have often been sitting for a long time and may have deteriorated.

Step 6

Store your canna bulbs in a dry location at about 40 to 50 degrees F until you are ready to plant them.


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