How to Trim Yellow Leaves Off of a Potted Palm Tree


While there are many varieties of potted palms, nearly all of them respond to improper humidity and light conditions with yellowed leaves. As you endeavor to fix the growing conditions of your potted palm tree, remove the yellow leaves from the tree to keep the potted palm looking neat and attractive. Pull the yellow leaves off gently when they are sufficiently dry.

Step 1

Examine the potted palm often to make sure it is thriving in its growing location. If the leaves begin to turn yellow and brown on the tips, this is a sign of over watering. If entire leaves turn yellow, this is a sign of under watering. If a palm tree begins to lose all of its lower fronds, the potted palm probably needs more light. Adjust the growing conditions as needed according to the indications you see on your potted palm.

Step 2

Remove yellow and brown lower leaves from the base of the potted palm by tugging them gently in the direction that they grow. They should remove quite easily. If the leaves do not come out with gentle pulling, wait one week and try again.

Step 3

Use the scissors to trim away the yellow tips from leaves that are simply discoloring at the tips. Follow the shape of the leaves and trim away the yellowed portion.

Things You'll Need

  • Scissors


  • Potted Palm Care
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