How to Cut Bamboo Stalks


Bamboo is used for food, decor, furniture and clothing. You can also plant it in your landscape for ornamental purposes, or to create a natural fence. It is durable and grows rapidly, but the stalks must be cut properly to prevent them from cracking or breaking.

Step 1

Cut bamboo stalks narrower than 1 1/2 inches with pruning scissors. Cut larger stalks with pruning shears or a fine-toothed saw. Cut the bamboo from the garden when it is green; this will reduce splintering.

Step 2

Heat the bamboo before you cut the stalk further by placing it in hot water or in an oven. This will make cutting the stalk easier and reduce the chance of tearing or cracking.

Step 3

Place the bamboo stalk on a flat, sturdy surface. The stalk needs support to prevent cracking, bending and tearing of the bamboo fibers.

Step 4

Cut carefully into the bamboo with a utility knife, then use firm pressure to move the blade back and forth to get a clean, even cut. Do this until you have cut completely through the stalk.

Things You'll Need

  • Pruning scissors, shears or fine-toothed saw
  • Hot water or oven
  • Utility knife


  • Trimming Bamboo
  • Cutting Bamboo Stalks
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