How to Grow Strawberry Plants Hydroponically


You can easily grow strawberries in soilless material, otherwise known as hydroponics. Not only will you have strawberries year-round, but it will also protect them from foraging animals. Although growing strawberries with hydroponics can be time-consuming and require much patience, the benefit is that you can grow strawberries in any environment.

Step 1

Choose what type of strawberry plants you'd like to grow hydroponically. The most ideal varieties for this are "day neutral" plants, which will produce berries throughout a 3- to 4-month growing season.

Step 2

Attach a sterile growing liner such as crushed shale to the bottom of a hydroponic mesh bin. Soak the liner for around a half hour in pH-balanced water.

Step 3

Place the strawberry plant inside the bin, making sure the roots are spread out on the liner. Add the growing medium you wish into the bottom of the bin. You want the strawberries above the surface so they have air circulation and sufficient light.

Step 4

Keep your hydroponic strawberry growth system somewhere in a sunny location like a windowsill or greenhouse where it will get about 7 hours of light a day. If this is not possible, use substitute lighting from fluorescent bulbs.

Step 5

Keep the plants in an environment that does not rise above 75 degrees F and does fall below 60 degrees F.

Step 6

Make sure to pollinate the strawberry plants once the white blooms start to open by using a soft brush to carefully caress each bloom to transfer pollen.

Things You'll Need

  • Strawberry plants
  • Plant bins
  • Water
  • Hydroponic system
  • Growing liner
  • Fluorescent lighting (if necessary)
  • Soft paintbrush


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