How to Design a Rose Trellis


Roses will grow to be beautiful no matter what, but training them on a garden trellis provides an architectural aspect to your garden, a large area for the roses to grow and spread upon, and an ideal support system for the plant. A trellis comes in many materials, shapes and sizes, and can be personalized for each gardener's tastes.

Step 1

Figure out what kind of trellis you want. To train roses, it is best to have a horizontal trellis, which will encourage more flowering and growth. Decide if you want it to match your garden, or be a simple classic design (such as crisscrossing wood), or a feng shui Asian design to provide a relaxing ambiance. Consider what style or message your garden sends out, and match the trellis to that.

Step 2

Make sure the size of the rose trellis is large and strong to support the heavy climbing of roses as it matures. The lattice of the trellis has to be wide enough to allow room for the canes of the rose bush to grow, and also for you to prune the bush easily.

Step 3

Use a strong sturdy material for the rose trellis, such as cedar or pressure-treated wood. Keep in mind you will need to seal the trellis every few years to protect it against weather wear.

Step 4

Design your trellis on paper once you have decided the size, style and materials. Figure out where the best area in your garden is for it (roses need a little more than partial sun). Sketch it out.

Step 5

Add a finish to the rose trellis if you desire, such as a matching paint for the garden or house, a wood stain, or adding embellishments like jewels, fake butterflies, or hummingbird feeders.

Things You'll Need

  • Trellis
  • Area for trellis
  • Paper and pencil
  • Paint, stain or embellishments, if desired


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