Blooming Life Cycle of Amaryllis


The amaryllis is a popular spring flower with large, lily-shaped flowers and a tall stem. It also makes a good indoor plant during the winter months. Because of its tropical background, the amaryllis has a bloom cycle that is different from most other spring bulbs. With a little care, it will flower for many years.


In its native habitat, the amaryllis blooms during nine months of wet weather and goes dormant for three months of dry weather.

Time Frame

The average blooming period for the amaryllis is from early winter to early spring.


A single bulb produces as many as three flowers at one time.


Once pollinated, seedpods form rapidly in the flowers and mature in about four or five weeks.


Plants brought inside in the fall can overwinter inside and produce blooms during the next flowering period.


Bulbs that are forced should be planted about eight weeks in advance of expected bloom time.


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