How to Decorate With Potted Plants


Potted plants are great and simple solutions for home decorating. They can be moved outdoors during the summer for a festive garden, then moved inside during the winter to avoid the frost. Choose plants that you are able to care for and won't get sick of, and you will have a portable, low-maintenance garden all year-round.

Step 1

Select attractive pots that go well with the area they are potted in. Terra cotta and wood planters look good in most locations. If you don't intend to move them, heavy cast stone pots also are a good option.

Step 2

Plant a variety of different plants with different blooming times. You could pot hyacinths or wild flowers for early spring blooms, dahlias for their summer flowers and petunias for fall blossoms, for example.

Step 3

Grow plants where they are most happy, then bring them to the area you want to decorate when they are in bloom. If you have a flower that prefers full sun but want to decorate a shady spot, for example, leave it in a sunny spot but bring it to the shade as soon as its flowers start to open. Once the flowers have faded, move it back to the sun.

Step 4

Arrange your pots in a decorative layout. Put pots on either side of a walkway to make it look more festive, or plant them in holes in the ground to make them a temporary part of your garden. You can also stack pots in pyramid shapes to create a dense cascade of blooms.

Step 5

Plant planters that aren't easy to move with plants that will look good for the longest time. Creeping vines and bonsai trees look good for the entire growing season, making them excellent choices for cement planters and other heavy pots.

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