How to Get Seeds Off Marigold Flowers


If you've ever grown marigolds, you know they're the bright, sunny stars of the flowerbed. They're easy to grow in nearly any soil, their demands are few, and if planted between rows of vegetables, they discourage aphids and other unwanted pests. Gathering marigold seeds for replanting is fun, although finding the seeds in the middle of the bloom can sometimes be a challenge.

Step 1

Allow a few marigold blossoms to fade naturally on the stem. Leave them until the petals are shriveled and easily removed if you pull them with your fingertips.

Step 2

Wait for a sunny day to harvest the marigold seeds. Pull what's left of the bloom off the plant and hold the bloom over a paper cup. Gently pull the bloom apart and the seeds will fall out. They will be long and black, with sharp points.

Step 3

Put the seeds on a clean paper plate. Put the plate in a dry, well-ventilated place away from drafts and leave the seeds for at least two weeks. It's crucial that the marigold seeds be completely dry before saving them, or they may rot.

Step 4

Label a plain white envelope, and put the dry marigold seeds in the envelope. Put the envelope in a dry, cool place until spring.


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