How to Deep Root Water Oak Trees


Oak trees are a hearty variety that depend on their deep root system for survival during hot summer months. Water trees must grow through a slow process that encourages the water to sink down to the roots and slightly below. Such deep root water encourages plants to send their roots even lower into the soil where water and nutrients remain for longer periods of time.

Step 1

Fill the tree's well with water and wait for it to sink into the soil. For best results, begin this process in early morning.

Step 2

Fill the bed again and allow the water to fully sink into the soil.

Step 3

Check the soil after three days. If the soil is dry 2 inches below the soil line, then water again. If the soil is still moist, or it has recently rained, the tree does not require additional watering.

Tips and Warnings

  • If the tree's leaves begin turning yellow during its growing season, it is being over watered. Reduce the amount of waterings and carefully check the soil's moisture levels.

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