How to Harvest Seeds from Fresh Fruit


One of the easiest, least expensive and most rewarding ways to start a fruit garden is by harvesting your own seeds. Harvest seeds from disease-free fruit toward the end of the growing season, then plant them the following year.

Step 1

Cut the fruit in half with a sharp knife, then pull out the seeds with your fingers, tweezers or tongs. If necessary, mash the fruit on a cutting board to extract all of the seeds.

Step 2

Place the seeds in a shallow bowl filled with fresh water at room temperature.

Step 3

Agitate the seeds with your fingers in the water until the seeds are clean. Strain the seeds from the bowl onto a clean, dry plate.

Step 4

Place a paper towel on the plate and sprinkle the seeds onto it. Put the plate in a warm, low-humidity area for the seeds to dry. You can also spread them on a baking sheet in a gas oven with just the pilot light on. The seeds are dry when you cannot bend them.

Step 5

Place the dried seeds in small envelopes, pill containers, film canisters, baby food jars or resealable plastic bags. Store the seeds in a cool, dry area away from bright lighting. Label the containers to ensure proper seed identification for planting in the spring.

Things You'll Need

  • Fresh fruit
  • Knife
  • Sink
  • Bowl
  • Plate
  • Cutting board
  • Strainer
  • Paper towels
  • Storage containers


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