How to Prune Hardy Azaleas


Azaleas are easy to care for, bring color to any landscape and are a popular garden shrub. The key thing to caring for azaleas it to prune them in late summer after they bloom. Azaleas can grow to be extremely hardy shrubs, and pruning them requires a little time, care and simple landscaping tools.

Step 1

Prune back any dead or broken azalea branches, trimming them back to the base of the shrub with the pruning shears for thick branches, or the scissors for thinner branches.

Step 2

Trim back any branches that have grown outwards from the shrub at awkward angles or that are several inches out from the rest of the plant. Also, if there are branches crossing one another or intertwining, prune these back as well.

Step 3

Cut back every third branch in the azalea's center, to get more air circulation and sunlight to the shrub's core. Shape the shrub as you wish, so all branches are the same height or length. You can shape it in a circular or square shape, or in a formal style like an animal.

Step 4

Use the pruning scissors to trim back any suckers or shoots growing from the azalea's base or trunk to encourage more nutrients to circulate to stronger, healthier parts of the shrub.

Things You'll Need

  • Gardening gloves
  • Pruning shears
  • Pruning scissors


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