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The amaryllis is a popular perennial flower classified in the Amaryllis genus. The large, bell-shaped flowers come in a spectrum of colors and color combinations. Striped and multi-colored varieties are as common as solid blooms. The ease at which the amaryllis is grown makes it an excellent addition to flower beds and containers.


The amaryllis is sometimes referred to as the Hippeastrum, which means "knight star". It is also called "'Naked Lady" and "Resurrection Lily."


The amaryllis is a native of South Africa.


The blooms of the amaryllis are large and weighty. Their weight makes it difficult, at times, for the stems to support them.


The stem of the amaryllis can soak up a lot of water. This water supply within the stalk makes the amaryllis a good flower to use in decorative arrangements.


The amaryllis is frequently used as a Christmas decoration.

Interesting Fact

The longevity of an amaryllis bulb enables it to produce blooms for up to 75 years.


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