How to Plant Dwarf Daylilies


They may be spotted, speckled or striped, orange, yellow, peach, pink, white: lilies are varied and vibrant, popular garden features and great cut flower. Dwarf daylilies are a variety that provides all of the color without the common problem of top-heavy plants falling over in the wind.

Step 1

Choose a site that is full sun to partial shade for dwarf daylilies. You'll get stronger growth and more flowers in full sun, but lilies will live happily in partially shaded areas as well.

Step 2

Dwarf daylilies need well-drained soil. Dig up the area in which you want to plant the lilies and analyze what you need. If the soil is very light, the Reader's Digest All-New Guide to Gardening recommends adding an organic compost mix. If the soil is very heavy, with lots of clay, mix in some coarse sand to keep it from being water-logged. You can also add fertilizer and topsoil if you'd like to give your lilies a little treat.

Step 3

Plant dwarf daylilies in the fall for spring flowers. Plant after the weather begins cooling but before the ground begins freezing.

Step 4

Place the daylily bulbs six inches below the surface with the pointed ends facing up. Space the bulbs so there are about six inches between them.

Step 5

Cover with soil and pat down gently. Label the area so you don't forget where you planted.


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