How to Plant Grass Seed


Planting grass seed is a simple process that requires a little time, patience and protection. It is less work and money that sodding a yard, and within a couple months you will have lush, healthy, green grass. The important thing to remember is to protect the grass seed after planting it from wind and foraging birds.

Step 1

Use a till to loosen up the soil in your lawn around two to three inches deep before planting any grass seed. Remove any rocks, dirt clods or plant roots during this time. Run the rake over the soil right before applying the grass seed to ensure it is even and smoothed out.

Step 2

Sprinkle the grass seed over the ground, following the directions for the type of seed you have chosen. Rake over the ground after planting all the grass seed to make sure it is evenly distributed.

Step 3

Sprinkle a layer of peat moss that is about 1/4-inch deep over all the grass seed. This helps insulate the seeds and protect them from being blown away by wind or picked off by birds.

Step 4

Set up your sprinkler or irrigation system to water the newly seeded lawn for about twenty minutes so the water goes deep, about six inches. Water it in increments of five minutes to prevent puddles from forming. Water the yard twice a day for the first two weeks: once in the morning, then again in the afternoon.

Things You'll Need

  • Till
  • Large rake
  • Peat moss
  • Sprinkler or hose
  • Fertilizer


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  • Tips for Planting Grass Seed
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