How to Get a Good Edge Around Flower Beds


After spending time and money to plant a lovely flower bed, give it a polished look by edging around it. Gardeners can use either tools or materials to accomplish this task. It takes a little time to keep the area maintained, but the neat and well-kept look will be worth the effort.

Step 1

Dig an edge around the flower bed with a shovel. Cut downward about 3 inches deep around the entire flower bed. Rotate the shovel inside the flower bed, then dig outside at an angle toward the cut. Fill the cut area with pebbles, crushed rock, or plastic bed flower edging--or leave it empty.

Step 2

Set stone pavers or bricks into the ground if you want a solid border for your flower bed. Make a cut about 4 inches deep around the entire flower bed. Use a shovel to remove enough soil for the bricks or pavers to neatly fit beneath the grass. Arrange the pavers or bricks along the cut area.

Step 3

Install molded concrete edging if you want a more decorative look. Cut downward about 3 inches deep around the entire flower bed. Remove soil from the area by using a shovel. Set the concrete edgers into the ground around the flower bed.

Things You'll Need

  • Electric or gas edger
  • Shovel
  • Plastic edging materials, if desired
  • Brick or concrete pavers, if desired


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