How to Store a Worm Composting Bin


Placing your worm compost bin in the proper location with the correct temperature and humidity is a key element to a successful worm farm. Temperature extremes will either roast your worms or freeze them. Likewise, too little moisture will give you dried worms, and too much moisture will drown them. It is a careful balance to keep for happy, productive worms.

Step 1

Construct your worm compost bin using either free plans to build your own or from a kit you have purchased. Place worm bedding in the bin, and then add the worms.

Step 2

Cover the bedding with moist newspaper. Check the newspaper twice per day to make sure it remains moist. Replace when it decomposes.

Step 3

Choose a cool, dark area for your compost bin, such as under the kitchen sink for a small bin or in the garage for a large bin. Worms thrive in a temperature range of 55 degrees F to 77 degrees F. Place the vinyl mat down on the floor, and then place the compost bin.

Tips and Warnings

  • Cutting worms in half does not create more worms; they will reproduce on their own every 30 days.

Things You'll Need

  • Vinyl mat
  • Newspaper


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